Spiralite is a lightweight non-metallic but durable, insulated flat oval and circular ductwork system:

Spiralite enables optimal airflow and energy efficiencies, generating significant space, weight, material, delivery and time savings. This results in cost savings in both the installation and the ongoing operation of any HVAC system. Our system design enhancements can also save HVAC and related plant costs. This ductwork does not require any further external or internal thermal insulation.

Lower carbon footprint:

Spiralite’s component parts have a much lower carbon footprint than metal ductwork with insulation. Our ductwork is up to 80% lighter than metal while still very robust and pressure resistant.

Energy saving design:

Spiralite has a unique combination of energy saving properties:

  • Rounded ductwork shapes
  • Ultra-smooth internal surface
  • Close to zero leakage (Class C at 2,500Pa/10.05 inH2O)
  • Optimal thermal insulation efficiency

Fully compliant:

Due to its energy and carbon reduction advantages, this unique, innovative and globally patent protected non-metallic insulated ductwork is a compliant product under the following environmental assessment programmes:

BREEAM, LEED, Estidama/(Pearl), Dubai Green Building/Al Sa'fat, Singapore Green Building Products and Green Star. It is also an approved green product under the Trustmark (ADQCC) and Future Build (MASDAR) sustainability programmes.

Technical Specifications

Insulated circular and flat oval ductwork: Unique and innovative rounded shapes with internal laminate maximize airflow efficiency, robustness and pressure resistance while minimizing pressure drops, friction losses, leakages and energy consumption.